Shirley b. garrett

Meet Dr. Shirley B. Garrett, Psy.D, ASG, a three-time Silver Falchion award finalist in the genres of thriller and action and adventure.

Shirley also writes cozy mysteries, including the Brianna Kelly Paranormal Mystery Series. She uses her twenty-eight years of experience as a psychologist to write accurate and exciting characters, culinary spreads, and plots. She helped me ensure my characters stay grounded in the way my readers love. Checkout the first book in one of her series: Murder in the Churchyard.

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jared Daniel austin

Meet Jared Daniel Austin, author of the Space City series and moderator of the North Alabama Genre Writers Group.

Jared writes Young Adult science fiction. His feedback about the technologies in "The Path of Time" was critical to the story's success. If you enjoyed that tech, checkout Jared's Space City series while he finishes his latest entry: Contact Not Found.

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Bently Brazel

Meet Bently Brazel, founder of Bently's Budget Builds, co-founder of TheSuperIndiesBros, and a member of L8tency's marketing team.

After a few years of casual voice-overs and voice acting, he's stepping up to larger works, starting with a few chapters from "The Path of Time." Check it out!