Southern Fried SCI-FI

Tales from NASFCAS

"Gods Among Men: Bishop Storm" is featured in Southern Fried Sci-Fi Tales from the NASFCAS published by Thunderchild Publishing.

An eclectic collection of short stories from the members of the North Alabama Science Fiction and Cake Appreciation Society (NASFCAS). From amusing tales such as the red-neck encounter of Earl and Bubba and the flying hubcap to the opposite end of the spectrum with a dark, apocalyptic tale of a wanderer's message to one of the last remnants of humanity--the anthology is filled with a wide range of imagination.

Gods Among Men: Bishop Storm -- A young man is caught up in a secret war between a vigilante group and an idealistic organization on the verge of creating a new world order.

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Formats: E-Book

ISBN: 978-1721646036

Paperback Pages: 163

Cover Illustration: Bryan Jones

Cover Design: Dan Thompson

Publisher: Thunderchild Publishing