"He's searching for the love of his life, but I think he's really trying to find a place to call home. And when he does, the woman he loves will be there.

Complex, intelligent, and imaginative time travel scifi! A fantastic debut novel by an author with a bright future.

Jared Daniel Austin, Author, Space City Series

"I loved this book! It was absolutely amazing, very well written and masterfully thought out!

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Audio Narration Preview by Bently Brazel

The Path of Time

"When you spot an ant, do you kill the one, or do you kill every single ant you can find?"

Convinced that the love of his life doesn’t exist in his space-time, Kieran builds a spatial gateway to search for her in another.

Prior to its activation, a time traveler warns him about the consequences of opening spatial gateways, and then offers to take him to the future to find love. In return, Kieran must help the time traveler save the love of his life from an extratemporal entity called TIME.

The future has other challenges, which include the Voice Control and Alteration Division of the police, a Voice-Activated Collar program for convicts, and Vocalists, who manipulate their environment with their voices. Kieran also faces the consequences of opening spatial gateways and traversing time. All these challenges pale in comparison to the unraveling of time itself. 

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Formats: Paperback, E-Book

Paperback ISBN: 979-8-9863367-1-8

Print Pages: 247

Cover Art: Eddy Shinjuku | Deviant Art | ArtStation

Cover Layout and Graphic Design: Felipe Conde | Portfolio

The First Time...

The Path of Time started out as a story I wrote for fun when I took a break from writing the fantasy stories my local writer group was accustomed to hearing from me. The first chapter surprised them. And so did the second, and so on. I wrote the story chapter by chapter until I completed a novella. Then I was encouraged to go all the way.

The adventure developed over a number of chapters, and then over a number of timelines. It was the first story I had written without an outline, or some idea of how it was going to end.

The lyrics weren't planned, either. I wrote them over the past five years for various reasons. When I came up with the idea for Vocalists, I searched my hard drive for those lyrics and found that they fit the story and the characters all too well.

I love the technologies in this story. They're complex and well-integrated into the world. The challenge with developing complex systems is finding a way to overcome them. This story keeps the reader on their toes, wondering how the characters will tackle the next challenge.

So sit back, keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle, and enjoy the ride!